Hi everyone! My name is Alexis Lepri and I am a senior here at MSU, majoring in History with a Geography minor. I am also pursuing the RX endorsement. I am from Fenton, MI and went to Powers Catholic in Flint. Both of my older sisters went to U of M, so I did indeed grow up as a Michigan fan, but I have made the transition to cheering for the best school when it came to my freshman year at State! I enjoy going to my cottage on Higgins Lake in the summers, I love to play soccer and have always loved spending time with my family. I come from a big Italian family, with many many many cousins & aunts & uncles, so I spend lots of time with them! We make homemade ravioli, canolis, wines, cheeses, etc. I have a passion for the Christian organization Young Life, and have worked at their camps in Colorado and North Carolina the summers of 09 and 10. Other than that, I LOVE to learn about history. My favorite history class in college was absolutley my Modern East Asia class, about the histories of China, Korea, and Japan and how their histories all intertwined. I am excited to learn more about how to become a successful and effective history teacher in this class.

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