TE 407 Final Project: Unit Plan

Instructions: Create a multigenre and multimedia project that outlines and showcases a two-week instructional unit for a secondary Social Studies classroom.

  • Work in groups of three (There will be one group of four)
  • Utilize a minimum of three instructional strategies discussed in class presentations
  • Incorporate appropriate activating strategies for each lesson
  • Include graphic organizers and other handouts that accompany the lessons.
  • Lessons can be written in the format you choose but must include the following:
    • Michigan State Standards
    • Lesson Objectives - explain what the students will learn
    • Class Activities - what you/the students will be doing
    • Assessment for each lesson - how will you know the students learned the material in each individual lesson?
  • Following the Understanding By Design method, you should be planning your assessment and objectives before creating the lesson activities. Therefore, you will create your unit assessment and include it as part of your unit. Try to make this an alternative assessment that reflects your beliefs about the diverse ways in which students can communicate their learning. (In other words, stay away from a standard Q&A test)

You will present your projects in a 15 minute time slot on the scheduled final exam days. The presentation is an opportunity to show not only your lesson plans but also your professional decision-making process. Why did you plan things a certain way? Why did you include this curriculum and not the other? Your colleagues will have time to provide feedback on this process.

Final Exam Dates:
  • Monday, December 12 at 5:45-7:45 p.m.
  • Wednesday, December 14 at 10:00-12:00 noon

Jimbo, Mikey Mike, and Matt Lehmann- Psychology- Human Development

(I will start the unit with the introduction lesson, then Mike will do his lessons on Freud ["Freud" PPT and, "TE 407 Unit Plan Lesson Plan," "TE 407 Unit Plan Table"], then my lesson on Mahler will be next, with Matt's lessons coming after that. Mike will finish up with the final assessment)
Jim-Intro, Mahler

Matthew Mount, Krista Flanders, Kellie Reed Unit Plan on Vietnam

(lesson plans and handouts)

handout component to lesson 4

powerpoint for monday

background of vietnam powerpoint and handouts

Final Assessment Rubric

Minor Political Parties:
Lindsey Skoog, Kristen Wellman, Joshua Hagler

Day 1-3

Day 4-6

Day 7

Day 8-10

Unit Plan: Constitutional Convention: Chris Sweno, Ryan Fowler, and Bobby Billman

[[file:Graphic Organizer Days 3:4.ppt]]

Quiz Bowl Prezi

Unit Plan: Globalization: Holeigh Ries, Jason Lintjer, Dan Olsen
PPT for Presentation

Graphic Organizer

International Trade Lesson Plan and Handout (2 days)

Super-Power (2 days)

Foreign Labor (1 day)

Black Friday (1 day)

Great Recession (2 days)

Review (1 day)

Unit Assessment: Essay (1 day)

Unit Plan: Crash, Depression, and New Deal

Unit Plan Document:

Days 1-3 (Andrea Noffsinger):

Days 4-6 (Lindita Ivezaj):

Days 7-10 (Matt Malburg):

Prohibition Unit Plan: Brian, Chris, and Lauren

Civil War Unit Plan: Melanie, Quinn, and Brandon

Day 1 (Brandon):

Day 2-3 (Quinn):

Day 4 (Brandon):

Day 5-7 (Melanie):

Day 8 (Quinn):

Day 9 (Melanie):

Day 10

Ancient Egypt
Phil Janis, Tim Whelan, Cameron Alvarez, Anna Hardenbergh
Phil's Intro

Unit Plan and Calendar:

Tim (Day 1)


Anna (Days 2, 3, and Final Project)



Final Project:

Cameron Alvarez (Day 4 and 5)

4. & &


Tim (Day 6)

Akhenaton History Channel Info


Phil (Day 7 & 8)